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PAST African Studies Lecture Series: 

Spring 2016  Theme of Sexuality in Africa.

Monday, April 11. 12-1.15 pm – Dr. Angela Montague. International Studies, University of Oregon

  • “Rites vs. Rights: Female Genital Cutting in Sub-Saharan Africa”
  • Knight Library, Browsing Room

Tuesday, May 3. 12-1.15 pm – Dr. Rachel Jean-Baptiste. Department of History, University of California-Davis

  • “The Ancient and The Modern: Customary and Civil Marriage and Family Law in Post-Colonial Gabon”
  • Knight Library, Browsing Room

Thursday, May 12. 12-1.15 pm – Dr. Sanyu Mojola. Department of Sociology, University of Colorado-Boulder

  • “Love, Money, and HIV: Becoming a Modern African Woman in the Age of AIDS”
  • Knight Library, Studio A


FALL 2015 events:

Fall 2015  Theme of Performative Culture.

Wednesday, October 14. 12-1.15 pm – Dr. Susan Gagliardi. Art History, Emory University

  • “Unseeing Audiences: Women and Power Associations on the Senufo-Mande Cultural ‘Frontier'”

Thursday, October 29. 12-1.15 pm – Patience Munjeri. Kutsinhera Cultural Arts Center/Zimbabwe

  • “Traditional Zimbabwean Mbira Music and Its Uses in Spiritual and Cultural Contexts”

Thursday, November 12. 12-1.15 pm – Dr. Habib Iddrissu. Ethnomusicology & Dance, University of Oregon

  • “Creation of the Multi-Ethnic Master Drummer”

Lecture Series Events AY 2016-17

(all lectures held in Knight Library Browsing Room, 12-1.15 pm)


Theme: Challenges of Development

Wednesday, October 12th

Dr. Anne M. Santiago (Political Science, University of Portland): “Land Use Change in Eastern Africa: Developing a Model of Regime Rhetoric and Framing of the Debate over Land Use”

Friday, October 21st

Dante Paradiso (US Department of State): “The Embassy: A Story of War and Diplomacy in Liberia”

Thursday, October 27th

Dr. Joshua Grace (History, University of South Carolina): “Motoring Out of Time: Histories of Technology and Development in Tanzania”

Thursday, November 17th

Dr. Alfredo Burlando (Economics, University of Oregon): “Financial Savings Groups and the ‘Ultra Poor’: Lessons from East Africa”


Theme: Foodways

Tuesday, January 17th

Dr. James McCann (History, Boston University): “Taytu’s Feast: Nation, Food, and History in Ethiopia”

Wednesday, February 8th

Dr. Stephen Wooten (International Studies & Anthropology, University of Oregon): “Cooking Culture on the West African Savanna”

Monday, March 6th

Dr. Sarah Walshaw (History, Simon Fraser University): “Feasting and Fasting: Foodways in Politics, Religion, and Social Life on the Swahili Coast (Tanzania) since 700 CE”


Theme: Modern Social and Cultural Formations

Wednesday, April 19th

Dr. Dawne Y. Curry (History & Ethnic Studies, University of Nebraska at Lincoln): “Squatting, Space and Power in the 1946 Alexandra’s Squatter Movement”

Thursday, May 11th

Dr. Dennis Galvan (Political Science & International Studies, University of Oregon): “Everyday Nation Building: Creativity, Culture and Community in Senegal and Indonesia”

Tuesday, May 23rd

Dr. Trina Hogg (History, Philosophy, & Religion, Oregon State University): “A Pioneer of Civilization?: The Impact of the Construction of the Sierra Leone Railway on African Lives in the Early 20th Century”