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African Studies Courses AY 2019-20

For complete details, including course times and CRNs, please visit the UO Class Schedule

The Winter and Spring 2020 Schedules are provisional and could change due to individual departmental needs.

Subject Number Course Title Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Spring 2020 Sum 2020
AFR 215 Intro to African Studies Bosire
ANTH 224M Intro African Diaspora Lara
ANTH 342 Arch Egypt & Near East = 50%
ANTH 453/553 African Archeology
ANTH 650 Seminar in African Studies
ARH 399 West African Art and Architecture Tuesday
BI 309 Tropical Disease Africa Weeks
CINE 399 Sp St African Cinema
DAN 301 African Dance Honka Iddrisu
DAN 410/510 Dema African Perf Iddrisu Iddrisu Iddrisu
DANC 185 African Dance Honka Honka Honka
EC 490/590 Econ Growth & Dev Javed
ENVS 410/510 Water, Pub Health & Environ Russel
ES 224M Intro African Diaspora Lara
FLR 225 Voices of Africa Bosire Bosire
FR 302 Contemporary Francophone Africa Djiffack
FR 312 Survey of Francophone Literature Djiffack
FR 490/590 Top: Mongo Beti
GEOG 465/535 Environment and Development < 50% Johnson
GEOG 475/575 Africa in the World: Economies, Politics, and Environments McLees
GH Global Health in Accra** Weeks
HC 434H African Leadership Assensoh
HIST 325 Pre-Colonial Africa Braun, L
HIST 326 Colonial/Post-Colonial Africa Braun, L
HIST 407/507 Seminar in African History
HIST 415/515 Age of Imperialism < 50% Braun, L
HIST 417/517 Apartheid South Africa Braun, L
INTL 240 Perspectives on International Development < 50% Galvan
INTL 345 Africa Today: Issues and Challenges Wooten
INTL 421//521 Gender and International Development <50% Braun, Y
J 410 Media in Ghana** Steeves
MUS 367 Survey of African Music Iddrisu
MUS 462 Pop Mus Afr Diaspora Iddrisu
SWAH 101, 102, 103 1st Year Swahili Bosire Bosire Bosire
SWAH 201, 202, 203 2nd Year Swahili Bosire Bosire Bosire

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Note that Winter, Spring, and Summer courses are still in the scheduling process. Additional courses not yet listed may be offered, and those listed are not guaranteed.